Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Occam's Razor applied to All You Do! Apply it to every "golden source" of information = 3 clicks or you're out

Apply Occam's razor to everything you do.. particularly to accessing every "golden source" of information.

That translates into this maxim:

If it takes more than 3 clicks to find the correct information,
you just lost another customer or
wasted $/£/Euros MILLIONS per annum of your employees time.

Everyone is in a hurry - either it is a thirst to learn, or to get something done.  

It just make sense (which translates into cents) to ensure that you win their attention by solving their problem, not simply making them spend more time to complete a task than necessary.

Helping them win consistently by solving their problems quickly will lead them to your door more frequently - until you become their first port of call, not the last resort because it is just to difficult to get anything done.

Thoughtful contemplation comes after learning - they will remember the ease or the frustration associated with everything you put them through.

And yes, I count keystrokes, and words, and time.

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